Planning Your Wedding – Ways to Save Money

As with any event planning, there will always be ways to cut corners and save money. Doing this will help you to have more money to put towards other areas of the wedding budget.

Limit Your Guest List


All excited brides-to-be want to invite everyone to share in the joy and celebration of the wedding day. However, opting to limit your guest list to those who you are close to can keep your wedding within budget.


Limiting your guest list allows for a more pleasant and intimate affair where you are more relaxed and able to enjoy your big day. Seemingly, the bigger the wedding, the less the bride remembers because of the chaos of interacting with a large crowd of guests.

Have an Intimate Wedding Venue

A wedding venue rental consumes about half of your budget. By having your ceremony and/or your reception in someone’s home or backyard allows you to have that additional fifty percent saved to go towards other expenses or even the honeymoon!

Hire the Help of Family and Friends


Everyone’s family and circle of friends have those who are skilled and talented in various areas. Then there are the ones that are incredibly creative and artistically minded. Ask these people to help out with wedding preparations.


Some areas that you could use their skills and help with:

  • Decorating
  • Making the Wedding Cake
  • Arranging the Wedding Flowers
  • Design tabletop decor and help set up
  • Design Wedding Stationery
  • Photography


Include a special note with invitations that you would like help with the wedding in lieu of gifts. Who doesn’t love a wedding and to help is not only a privilege but fun? You will be surprised at how many will help you out.




Do-it-yourself if at all possible! If you are not task-oriented person, this may not be the right option for you.  However, if you are into planning things, staying on task, and have time-management skills…go for it!


Think before you decide to DIY.  Can you devote time and effort into contacting vendors to plan each little detail?

Some ways to save if you DIY:


  • Do your own invitations and make it more personal. All you need is your home printer and the invitation kits that can be found in craft stores or office supply stores.
  • Prepare the reception food yourself or have family members help.
  • Arrange your own wedding flowers by purchasing silk flowers from a craft store.


Dummy-Up a Wedding Cake


Wedding cakes are outrageously expensive. They can run from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

A lot of modern day brides are using (and even renting) dummy wedding cakes. Your local bakery can do one for you. Check online for rental cake companies that can help you if want to rent one.


A dummy wedding cake doubles not only as a centerpiece but also saves you quite a bit of money! Use sheet cakes to cut and serve to your guests.


If you want to do the traditional cake cutting, you can have a small round two-tiered decorated cake to add to the top tier of your dummy wedding cake. No one will ever know that the rest of the cake is styrofoam after you have cut the top layer.

The other option if you want to have a cake cutting is to do what’s called “cake slice compartment.” You can fool your guests with a dummy cake, but also have real cake embedded into a compartment that will hold 2 slices of cake. One for the bride to slice and feed to the groom and the other for the groom to feed to his bride.


Plan your wedding for the “cheapest” part of the day and month


If you plan your wedding to be held in the early afternoon, you can avoid a full sit-down meal as well as a cocktail reception.


Avoid the wedding-crazed months of September, October, December, and

June. Those are the most popular months. Vendors are more likely to offer discounts for weddings that are in months that are less hectic and busy.


Vet your Vendors


Be patient and shop around for your wedding vendors. Good reviews are always a good indication of how good or bad a vendor may be. Remember,  cheaper may not always better. You get what you pay for especially in hiring shady and inexperienced vendors.