Master the Art of Planning Your Wedding…ON A BUDGET!

The Checklist

When the impending “I do’s” make your heart flutter while your gut sinks with panic, take a deep breath. You can do this!

Planning a perfect wedding on a budget can be simple to do. If you are a highly organized person, this will be a piece of cake. If not, no worry, we will guide you through this!

Decisions to Be Made


Budget-minded weddings are relatively more enjoyable and memorable. Planning your wedding allows you to have full control over all decisions.


Although wedding planning is intensely stressful,  if you have a plan and stick to it,  it’s easier than many think.


What kind of wedding do you want?


  • Simple – intimate backyard or garden with just family and close friends
  • Traditional – church wedding with family, friends, coworkers
  • The Whole Chabang! – wedding venue with family, friends, coworkers
  • Destination Wedding – exotic or unique destination, choice of big or simple wedding with a small or large guest list
  • Elope – just the two of you and two witnesses

Set a Budget


Decide what the total amount will be that you can afford for your wedding.


The couple and parents need to discuss the budget and who pays for what. Be open to talking honestly about what can and can’t afford. Although this may be uncomfortable to discuss, it’s much more comfortable than being faced with paying off your wedding long after you are married. My great uncle helped me in this area big time. With him being the owner of a Hollywood plumbing company and having years of experience budgeting and penny-pinching, I mastered this part of the DIY wedding planning process.

When discussing the budget, think about how much you can spend on each of the below areas. Break down the budget according to the expenses and decide on the percentage to devote to each.


Approximate Wedding Expenses

Reception:              50%

Ceremony:              3%

Attire:                      10%

Flowers:                  10%

Photography:          10%

Entertainment:        10%

Invitations:             3%

Unexpected:            4%


Misc. Expenses


Marriage Certificate

Fee for Officiate


Wake Up from those Fairytale Dreams


We all dream about what it will be like to get married and what the wedding will be like. We imagine ourselves dressed up like Cinderella with the beautiful dress, glass slippers and carriage whisking us away with our groom!


When he pops the question, and you say yes, the excitement begins. Cloud nine keeps brides imprisoned as they float into the oblivion of what their dream wedding will be.


Reality acts like gravity pulling you back down out of the clouds very quickly. Even worse, you have to stay within a budget!


Be realistic about your expectations when you start planning and don’t let the fairytale dreams of your youth keep you from having the perfect wedding!

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