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Unique Ideas for a Wedding


There are many cute and unique things that you can do to add an overall theme to your wedding.

Organic Ambience


The latest trend is leaning towards more rustic and organic ambiance. This trend not only lends to a minimalist approach in planning, but it taps into natural decor that can be found in the outdoors free of charge!


The ceremony and reception might be held in intimate outdoor venues such as:

  • On a ranch
  • Botanical garden
  • A beautiful backyard
  • Vineyard


Wedding flowers would consist of wildflowers that can be handpicked and arranged with various greenery.

Reception Food might include wild game or turkey with roasted vegetables and rustic loaves of bread.


Wedding Dress would be simple and form-fitting.


Coffee-House Wedding


A unique approach to a laid-back, simple wedding! This is the ultimate choice for those of you who are coffee lovers and prefer a more urbanistic boho theme.


Having your coffee-house wedding could easily be held in someone’s home, backyard or a rustic brick area such as a patio cafe or your local coffee house.

Decorating with rustic, organic items such as burlap, browns and dark cream colors, twigs of greenery and candlelight throughout provides a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Guests would be limited to family and close friends.

The food and drink would, of course, be coffee, deep red wines, tiramisu, and chocolates.


The bride would be dressed in a vintage pink blush or champagne colored tea length dress.


Instead of the cake cutting ceremony, replace it with “His and Hers” coffee mugs filled with a favorite coffee and topped off with whipped cream to serve to each other through intertwined arms.


Pancake Breakfast Wedding


Why not combine your wedding with the ultimate comfort food for breakfast?


There’s nothing like a piping hot stack of pancakes while celebrating the joy of marriage. You can fit this easily into any wedding budget.


The venue could be on a patio in someone’s backyard or the gardens of a local Bed and Breakfast.


Opt for a pancake wedding cake where layers of thick fluffy pancakes are stacked and decorated. Roses made of butter sit along the sides of the tall tiers while raspberries and strawberries give the overall cake a pop of color.


Peach bellinis and juice spritzers would tickle the tongue of your guests.


Regardless of where your wedding is held, or what theme you choose, you will have a joyous day to celebrate with your loved one.

Being Frugal, Not Cheap

Most people are not aware what the average wedding costs nowadays. Newly engaged brides are full of joy and giddy, but once they see the “sticker price” of planning a wedding…bring out the tissues!


Don’t panic because there are many ways to cut corners to save money in planning your wedding.

What Does A Wedding Cost?


Couples today spend around $19,000 to $32,000 for an typical wedding. Those that are frugal-minded in planning their weddings spent less than $15,000 on their wedding, minus the honeymoon.


Setting a budget and following it precisely is the key to having a successful wedding!


A Frugal Bride’s Tips



  • Keep your Guest List to a minimum.
  • Remember that every unnecessary guest attending is an additional cost for you. Do you really need to have Joe Schmo that knows your father from work to be at your wedding?
  • Your family and close friends are the perfect guests to have in attendance to help you celebrate.
  • Overindulging in inviting people can result in more expenses as well as the guest list growing to the point you can even afford the wedding.



  • In lieu of wedding gifts, ask for help with the wedding.
  • You will be surprised at how both family and friends love to feel needed and included.



  • Ask for someone to play music such as piano, harp or guitar.
  • Someone may even volunteer to be a DJ for you!



  • With camera technology today, anyone can take professional looking photos.
  • Have a friend or family member help you with this.


  • You may have a cake decorator in your family or circle of friends that is talented in cake decorating. Ask them to make your wedding cake.


  • There are always people that will step up to help decorate! Don’t be afraid to ask.



  • Just as it was in the old days, have a few ladies help serve cake or food.



  • If you have an intimate wedding with family and close friends, you can always opt for a potluck meal and have everyone bring a dish!
  • Have your wedding at someone’s home or in their backyard. By doing this, you are saving a big chunk of money. Wedding venues are very costly.
  • Have family members help you cook the reception meal or have a local family owned restaurant do it for you. You save on the cost of hiring expense catering companies.



  • Be a minimalist when it comes to wedding flowers.
  • Do single roses for your bridesmaids. If you have a flower market near you, oftentimes you can purchase a bundle at a discount price.
  • Another alternative is to use silk flowers.


  • Opt out of giving groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts.



  • DIY invitations are the way to go.
  • Many sites have templates to do your wedding invitations. Craft and office supply stores stock the invitation stationary to use in your printer.
  • com is a cheap option for wedding invitations also.
  • Do digital invitations. It’s the latest trend in invitations.



  • If you are getting married in a church, most churches have ladies groups that will volunteer to help with the reception.



  • Shop thrift stores or wedding gown outlets for your dress. You will be surprised to find designer wedding gowns in thrift and consignments shops.
  • Rent tuxedos for the guys instead of buying.


  • Save on alcohol by having a BYOB.



  • Plan a very simple local honeymoon and save up after you’re married to go somewhere dreamy!



Being frugal with a few things can save big bucks!

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